About Me

Welcome to my blog!  This is currently my second year living and teaching English in Spain’s bustling capital city, Madrid.  Back in 2011, I got my first taste of Spain when I studied abroad in the sunny southern city, Sevilla and that’s when I knew I fell in love with this country.  Those four months changed my life and I’m so thankful to be given the opportunity to live in this incredible country of Flamenco, tapas, siestas, and sangria again!

My first trip to Madrid back in 2011- before I had any idea that it would be my future home for two years!

My first trip to Madrid back in 2011- before I had any idea that it would be my future home for two years!


My name is Sam(antha) and I’m 24-years-old.  I graduated with a Bachelors in Communication Studies and a minor in Spanish, although I’m hoping to go to grad school for Speech-Language Pathology.  My ultimate goal is to be a bilingual Speech Therapist. I love traveling (por supuesto), taking pictures, chickflicks, tennis, the beach, and everything having to do with music whether it be listening to it, playing it, dancing to it, or going to concerts.

I studied the Spanish language all through high school and college and everyone who knows me knows that it has always been a passion of mine.  In fact, I’m sort of a dork about it.  My Spanish textbooks throughout school have been the only textbooks I actually wanted to keep. During the spring of my senior year of college, I had the first semester in 10 years that I didn’t have a Spanish class (I just didn’t have room in my schedule) and something about my life just felt empty.  I’m not nearly as good at it as someone who has studied it for so long and who has lived in Spain should be, but I know that I’m improving and for me that’s what matters the most.

I studied abroad in Seville, Spain in 2011 and it was one of the best times of my life.  Since the day I left, I knew I wanted to return.  Teaching English seemed like the perfect road that was going to lead me back to Spain.  After researching different ways to make this happen, I finally settled on the BEDA program in Madrid.  Through this program, I have been working as a language assistant in a Catholic school in Barrio Salamanca in the center of Madrid.  I have been helping my school move towards bilingualism while offering my knowledge of the English language and culture.

Besides exploring Spain some more, I have also be doing some other international traveling!  This blog is a perfect way for my family, friends, or anyone else to stay up-to-date with all of my adventures!


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