My Second Year Winter Break Trip!

When I returned to Spain this year for a second year, I thought I had made a definitive decision that I would go home for Christmas break no matter what. Well, after my hectic month in September, I didn’t get fully settled back in until October and by that point Christmas was already creeping up quickly. Since I had made no travel plans yet, I found myself dreaming of where I would travel to over the holidays rather than looking up [expensive] plane tickets home. Since it’s difficult for me to travel around Europe on the regular weekends, I knew I had to take advantage of a full 18 days off of work. As difficult as it was to make the decision to spend another Christmas away from home, I also realized how much more comfortable I felt living over here this year and I felt like I was emotionally more prepared to spend the holidays away from home this year.

Fortunately for me, my friend Lindsey was also planning on staying and traveling during Christmas again this year! Lindsey is my good friend that I met when we studied abroad together through the same program in Sevilla (4 years ago!). She and I took on Central Europe last year during the holidays in an amazing trip to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Hamburg. It was such an incredible trip that when we both decided we were going to stay and travel again this year, we got together with Lindsey’s friend Angela (they worked in the same town last year) and planned another amazing itinerary.

Lindsey and I enjoying the Christmas markets in Vienna last Christmas Eve!

Lindsey and I enjoying the Christmas markets in Vienna last Christmas Eve!

This year we went to Geneva, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. This trip was filled with a little less eating and Christmas markets than last year’s (probably for the better) but it was far less cold and possibly even more fun! Last year, Lindsey and I faced a lot of problems with transportation and sleep (on my end). This year, our problems had more to do with our health, which somehow didn’t get in the way of it turning into one of the best trips of my life!

Here are the links to read about each place:

Geneva, Switzerland: Days 1-4
Brussels, Bruges, & Ghent, Belgium: Days 4-10
Amsterdam, Netherlands: Days 10-14
Copenhagen, Denmark: Days 14-18


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