My Incredible Winter Break Trip!

The holiday season has come and gone and we’re already in mid-February! This year I spent my holidays in a very different way from how I usually spend them.  Instead of traveling back home to the U.S., I chose to travel around Europe for 2 and a half weeks with my friend Lindsey who I met 3 years ago when we studied abroad together in Sevilla and she is now also teaching English in the south of Spain.  We planned an incredible 18-day trip that covered Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Hamburg.  It was extremely difficult being away from home on Christmas, but it was absolutely the trip of a lifetime and I feel so fortunate that I was able to check so many cities off of my bucket list!

Our trip consisted of a ton of eating, exploring, drinking mulled wine, walking around the Christmas markets, packing on the layers of clothing to bare the freezing cold, and racing against the sun because it got dark around 4 p.m. (so early!) everyday.  We also took away a very valuable lesson from this journey:  take a cab EVERYWHERE.

There is so much to say about each city, so below are the links to the posts about the individual cities:

Budapest, Hungary:  Days 1-5

Vienna, Austria:  Days 5-8

Prague, Czech Republic:  Days 8-11

Berlin, Germany:  Days 11-15

Hamburg, Germany:  Days 15-18


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