Segovia: “I’m on a Moat!”

Disclaimer:  I was unaware of the huge smudge on my camera lens so that is the reason my pictures suck from this trip (and a couple others around this time).

Last thursday, I randomly was given the day off from work because the students and teachers were going on a bonding field trip to start off the school year. Although I am a teacher, my school assumed I would enjoy having the day off. They were right! Since I have spent the past few weeks getting acclimated to Madrid, I decided I needed to take advantage of my day off by travelling to a nearby city. Before coming to Spain, I knew I needed to make Segovia one of my first day trips because it is an easy one-hour busride from Madrid and is full of history and beauty. It is home to the incredible Roman Aqueduct that was constructed in the 1st or 2nd century–WOW! The school that my friend Kristen works at told her that she didn’t have to start until this week, so we spontaneously agreed upon taking this day trip!

I absolutely loved Segovia. It was unbeliveably stunning (like most Spanish cities). It is a small city nestled beneath a mountain range and surrounded by plains and its ancient city walls. Segovia had the power of making us feel like we went back in time. Everything seemed to be historical as we walked down the cobblestone streets and tripped over the uneven steps and walkways. Not only did we see the jaw-dropping Aqueduct in which Segovia is most known for, but we also strolled through its gorgeous cathedral and explored its very own castle or Alcazar (palace). We even climbed over 150 slippery steps in the extremely narrow tower in order to witness the most spectacular view of the city. If you’re wondering about the title of this blog post, it’s because Kristen and I transformed the song “I’m on a boat” into “I’m on a moat” because we were in a castle– ha, ha we’re so clever right? Unfortunately we weren’t clever enough to think of the rest of the rap haha. But I could have easily stayed up there all day taking in the scenery.

Afterwards, our original plan was to go to dinner and order the suckling pig which is supposedly Segovia’s specialty. However, I had such a huge lunch that I wasn’t even hungry for dinner (we ate lunch literally right underneath the Aqueduct. How awesome!). So instead, we walked to the city’s Plaza Mayor where we ordered a couple of sangria’s and had a lovely view of the cathedral at sunset. With each drink, we were given a free tapa! One tapa came with little dried up red things with what looked like dried up hair follicles. We made the assumption that it was a part of a pig. Disgusting, I know, but we ate it anyways. When in Spain, right?? All of a sudden, the whole plaza started to become more and more crowded. It seemed like every Segovian resident flocked to the Plaza and made a pathway leading to the cathedral. A band started to play and a small procession began. The parade seemed a little underwhelming considering the size of the crowd it drew in, but it was still something cool to experience.

After the parade we made our way back to the bus station to catch the last bus back to Madrid. It was soo cold out but we were those crazy-looking Americans wearing tank tops, shorts, and sandals while the Spaniards were bundled up in sweaters, jackets, and pants. Since Madrid has been so hot, it didn’t even occur to me that Segovia is located in the mountains and is therefore probably much colder. Whoops! That didn’t stop Kristen and I from stopping for some helado (ice cream) though! So now we were those crazy Americans wearing summer clothes and eating ice cream!

Segovia was the perfect place to spend my day off! I highly recommend going there if you are staying in Madrid or are exploring Spain. You don’t need to spend any more time than a day there but it’s definitely worth a visit!


The Aqueduct.



The cathedral.

The cathedral.


The Alcazar.


View from the tower of the Alcazar.


The Procession in Plaza Mayor.




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