My Spain Bucket List

I have very few regrets from my semester in Sevilla, but one of them is not seeing as much of Spain as I would have liked.  There is only so much you can do in four months, and I was fortunate enough to do a ton of travelling.  I got to see Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Córdoba, and Ronda.  However, since it was my first time in Europe, I was so entranced by being in such close proximity to all the places I dreamed of going that my main priority was to see the big places like Greece, Italy, France, etc.  This time, I plan to make a point of seeing more of the country that will be my new home.  Since I will be in Madrid, the center of Spain, it will be that much easier to see more of the country.  There is still so much left to see and do in Spain that I plan on taking full advantage of my year there, but my Spain bucket list is so long, I might just need to stay another year!


SalamancaThis is a place that was on my list my first time in Spain that I never got to see.  Since it’s only about 2 and a half hours from Madrid, there is no excuse this time around for not seeing it.  It’s known to have a great nightlife since it’s a big university town, having the oldest university in Spain.


Valencia The 3rd largest city in Spain, located right on the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its paella- so I MUST go!


ibizaThis island is part of Spain’s Balearic Islands and is known for its great beaches and huge party scene.  I definitely plan on going in the spring and having the crazy spring break I never got to have in college!


malaga 2The southernmost city in Spain on the Costa del Sol which will make for a perfect getaway during the Madrid winter!


la rioja 2An enchanting region known for its wine.  Say no more.


bilbaoAlso known as the Basque Country.  This autonomous community is known to have gorgeous views and delicious food.


tomatinaA huge food fight festival that happens in the little town of Buñol, right outside of Valencia.  It’s held on the last Wednesday of every August.  It’s huge event where everyone just throws tomatoes at each other, and it’s just for fun!  This is pretty much the definition of why I love Spain.


running-of-the-bullsThe city of Pamplona has a huge San Fermín festival in July where this well-known Spanish tradition occurs.  I have no intention of being a runner, I just want to see the event!


las fallasThis is a 5-day fiesta that takes place in Valencia in March.  It originated as an honor for St. Joseph.  It’s a crazy and exciting festival that basically sets huge statues on fire.  Random, but fun!


real madridSpain LOVES its fútbol!  There’s no way I can miss a game while living in Madrid!

***I took all of these pictures from Google Images


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